Special Number

Special Issue
Coming soon V14 N2 2024

Guest Editor: Prof. Dr. Ravindra Gettu, Dr. Yuvaraj Dhandapani
Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India, and University of Leeds, UK
Special guest topic: Blended binders for sustainable and durable concrete
Over 14 billion m³ of concrete is produced worldwide a number estimated to grow many-fold to meet the demand for housing and infrastructure. This special issue will focus on the use of blended binders to meet the growing demand to produce sustainable concretes. We invite articles covering various aspects of blended binders and concrete containing supplementary cementitious materials from characterization, reactivity assessment, concrete performance and life cycle assessment.
Topics of interest include (not limited to):
- Characterization of supplementary cementitious materials
- New sources of supplementary cementitious materials: low-purity calcined clays, ashes, excavation waste, mine tailings etc.
- Exploration and reactivity assessment of conventional and new supplementary cementitious materials
- Ternary and composite Portland cement blends: hydration, microstructure and performance
- Properties of concrete properties containing SCM
- Structural concrete with blended binders
- Durability of low clinker binders: Transport properties, service life, durability potential long-term performance of blended binders
- Economics and environmental assessment of low clinker binders
- Case studies on field application of new blend in concrete construction
Those interested must send their work through the OJS portal of Revista ALCONPAT until February 2024.
Decision date: August 2024
Publication date: September 1, 2024